Blue Hill Research: Investing in Agile Analytics

Anatomy of a Decision

To achieve data-driven differentiation, organizations must overcome complex data challenges, contending with social, mobile, and IoT-enabled data sources that drive new technology investments. Blue Hill's James Haight and Hyoun Park investigate the decision-making and operational process of organizations that have succeeded in navigating such environments.

Data analytics presents opportunities for companies to use said data to improve business operations. Blue Hill considered how companies came to choose Lavastorm's agile analytics for these purposes, and then expanded on their original investment year over year. 


In Blue Hill's complete "Anatomy of a Decision" research study you will learn:

  • Specific nuances and challenges of the four studied organizations
  • Primary differentiators of why customers chose Lavastorm
  • Relevant business impacts resulting from these investments

Decision-makers facing such challenges would do well to understand these outcomes as they seek to build agile analytic applications in an increasingly complex enterprise data environment.