Forrester Research: Build an Agile BI Organization

Build an Agile BI Organization

Earlier-generation business intelligence (BI) support centers — organized along the same lines as tech support centers for all other enterprise software — fall short when it comes to BI’s peculiarities. These unique BI requirements include less reliance on project planning and the traditional software development life cycle and more emphasis on reacting to the constant change of business requirements.

This report provides an organizational framework that describes how application development and delivery professionals working on BI initiatives can align their BI organization for agility; it’s a key part of Forrester’s Agile BI tetrad — Agile BI software development, organizations, processes, and technologies.

Key takeaway’s from the report:

  • How to organize for agility
  • How to empower business users to roll their own BI apps
  • How to fill BI technology roles from your business