Five Ways to Empower Business Analysts

Five Ways to Empower Business Analysts and Succeed in Your Self-Service BI Program

Are you setting your BI program up to fail? The reality is that many BI projects fail when not controlled by the business. Lack of proper requirements gathering and the inability to meet the needs of users creates a lack of adoption. Simple tools such as Excel and Access can no longer handle the complexities and increasing volumes inherent in big data or maintain the validity of analytic models.

Read this new Lyndsay Wise paper for a look at five key enablers of self-service BI for business analysts:

  1. Building a collaborative relationship between the business analyst and IT
  2. Design flexibility
  3. Cohesion between technology, people, and business processes
  4. Data diversity and preparation
  5. Data quality

Download it today, to gain actionable advice that will empower your organization and help your Self-Service BI Program succeed.