Empowering the Citizen Data Scientist with Self-Service Advanced Analytics

The growth of social media, the Internet of Things, and digital business is dramatically increasing the volume, velocity, and variety of data flowing into business organizations. This presents both opportunities and challenges as business analysts and IT groups struggle to keep up. Most businesses recognize the value of detailed information about customer and operational activities, but establishing and managing a process to convert the mass of data into actionable decision-making can be daunting.

The tsunami of valuable data has hampered the ability of the few highly skilled technologists to take advantage of it. To bridge the gap, more and more companies are providing advanced analytics tools to its super users – a group Gartner calls “citizen data scientists.” In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how democratizing data can help:

  • quickly place massive data sets into a business context and provide critical insight
  • more easily tap into predictive modeling and other sophisticated analyses once reserved for data technologists
  • explore new methods of analyzing data that can lead to cutting-edge decision making.

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