Four Situations Where You Need Agile Data Management

Enterprises awash in data often struggle to answer basic business questions because they can’t feed that data to the people that need it, when they need it.

Organizing, prepping, transforming, and provisioning useful data shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, it isn’t: if you’re using the right tool. And that’s what agile data management is all about.

Traditional extract, transform, and load (ETL) systems for data integration and analysis do an excellent job of processing large amounts of known, structured data to answer predictable business needs. But many needs aren’t predictable and traditional ETL systems can hold your organization back in situations where business requirements aren’t well defined or when conditions are constantly changing.  In those situations, an agile data management platform is a better solution. An agile data management platform meets that demand with on-the-spot, flexible, granular data analysis that informs both tactical business decisions and strategic planning, especially in situations where you’re dealing with:

  • Exploring external data
  • Changing data sources
  • Adjusting business logic
  • Changing data fields

Read this paper to learn more about when an agile data management solution can complement your current ETL tools and bringing greater flexibility and speed to your IT organization.