How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Automate & Improve Compliance Reporting

The Sunshine Act has added another layer of regulatory complexity for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Manufacturers must provide annual reports detailing the amounts paid out to specific providers, and the associated product for each payment.

Gathering this data and ensuring its accuracy requires pulling information from multiple disparate data sources. Traditional tools cannot effectively manage this process, and require large investments of time and resources.

Automating the data collection, analysis and reporting process with advanced end-user tools like self-service data preparation and advanced analytics is a better, faster, cheaper way to meet strict compliance requirements. Download this report to learn how to: 

  • Move from meeting compliance requirements to streamlining business operations.
  • Provide the transparency and traceability needed for compliance reporting
  • Expand and scale your self-service data preparation and analytic tool to manage revenue assurance, fraud detection, and competitive analysis. 

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